Sixth Avenue Baptist Church is known as a the friendly church with a  friendly pastor, where love is the order of the day.  Sixth Avenue is a church on fire for Jesus, with a  pastor on fire with the word.  The church’s journey is steeped in rich history, tragedy and triumph.  Challenges include enduring a fire that severely damaged the sanctuary, to hurricanes that brought equally destructive damage.  Nonetheless, the church rose from these trials, leaning and depending on God for restoration.

Sixth Avenue Baptist Church is known for its great work in the community, having led the way for the redevelopment of “the Avenues” and helping groom the area for families to thrive.  The church’s youth ministry is continually expanding, consistently bringing in young people from around the country to fellowship and worship.  The church is renowned for its praise dance team: MJJ Praise Dancers.

The church’s reach also extends to the growth and support of young women through its “Women of Worth Ministry.” It likewise addresses the importance of strong male leadership, and address such development through its Yoke Brothers Ministry, a tight-knit fellowship of men who study, share and digest God’s word.

Sixth Avenue’s Bus Ministry enhances the Sunday School Ministry by providing transportation for young people who would otherwise miss the opportunity to learn of God’s goodness.

Dr. Michael J. Johnson continues his strong leadership in the community as he is dedicated to bringing people of the Christian faith together in the yearly “Seven Last Sayings.” Pastor Johnson’s leadership is seen throughout the region as he offers classes to prepare God’s people to move from membership to ministry. 

As a result of its willingness to serve God and his people, Sixth Avenue Baptist Church continues to grow spiritually as a family.  Under Pastor Johnson’s leadership, the church has made a commitment to love and support one another.  Sixth Avenue is a family that prays together and stands together.



















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